Next Meeting

Please note that our next Queensparkers event will be Saturday 6th December at Lesser Hampden before our game v East Stirlingshire at The Excelsior.

As usual a cost of £10 per person applies and we would appreciate if you could book your place with Rachael in advance to assist with catering.

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William Neil ‘Footballer and Olympian’ -The Herald, Scotland

Follow the link to read the piece on ex Spider William Neil in today’s Herald…

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Next Event – Saturday 23rd August

This year’s AGM will be held on Saturday 23rd of August at 12.30pm in The J.B McAlpine Pavilion.

Queen’s Park President Ron Jack will speak about The Club’s way forward this season and will be happy to answer any questions.

As always, we’d be grateful that if you are attending you advise us by Monday 18th August in order for us to arrange catering.

The usual charge of £10pp applies for the event and can be paid on the day.

We would also kindly remind you that your subscription of £10 is due for the season 14/15 if you have not already paid this.

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Next event – Saturday 8th March

The next meeting of the Queensparkers will take place at The J B McAlpine Pavilion on Saturday 8th March for the home game against Clyde.

We get underway at 12.20pm, with our guest speaker none other than our current President, Ross Caven.

To help with catering requirements, it would be appreciated if you could book your place by contacting Rachael Clark at the Club Office (0141 632 1275).

The cost for the day is £10.00.

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Next Queensparkers Event – 11th January 2014

The  next  meeting  of  the  Queensparkers  is  on  Saturday  11th  January  2014  at  the  match  against  Stirling  Albion.

We  will  meet  at  the  McAlpine  Building  in  Lesser  Hampden  Letherby  Drive  entrance  at  12.30  and  guest  speaker  will  be  Tommy  Duncan  Club  Coach  in  the  late  1960’s.

Usual  arrangements  are  in  place  the  cost  for  the  day  will  be  £ 10.00  per  person  and  guests  are  as  usual  welcome.  Please  book  with  Rachael  Clark  at  the  Club  Office 0141 6321275 in  order  that  catering  can  be  arranged.

A  free  bus  is  available  to  transport  you  to  Airdrie  if  you  do  not  wish  to  drive  and  the  bus  will  return  shortly  after  the  match  where  a  free  hot  pie  awaits  you.

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AGM – Saturday 26th October

Reminder.  The  first  Queensparkers  get  together  is  on  Saturday  26th  October with  an  earlier  start  than  usual.

We  will  be  commencing  with  tea/coffee  etc   at  12:00  noon  so  please  be  on  time  to  register  before  then   with   Rachael Clark  who  will  be  present  to  meet  you  at  the  reception  office.

The  new  premises  tour  will  last  from  12.30  till   1.15  then  followed  by  the  A.G.M.

Remember  to  notify  Rachel  if  you  are  intending  to  come  that  day  to  give  us  an  idea   regarding  catering/tickets etc.  The  cost  for  the  day  is  the  usual  £ 10.00.  Visitors  are  welcome.

There  are  a  few  stragglers  in  paying  the  £ 10,00  subscription  so  if  you  haven’t  yet  paid  please  send  a  cheque to  Queens Park  Football  Club  for  the  amount.

Future  dates  for  your  diaries  are  as  follows:

We  will  meet  at  the  new  building  on  Saturday  11th  January , Saturday  8th  March  and  Saturday  26th  April.

Details  of  what  will  be  happening  on  these  days  will  be  notified  to  you   when  arrangements  are  finalised.

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First Event For Season 2013-2014

To  date  the  first  Queensparkers  get  together has been  arranged:

The  first  Queensparkers  get together  will  be  on  Saturday  26th  October  at  the  match  with  Albion  Rovers.  Our  A.G.M.  will  be   on  that  day  followed  by  a  tour  of  the  new  premises  at  Lesser  Hampden.  Cost  for  the  day  is  £ 10.00  for  each  person  attending, which  is  the  usual  cost  for  a  Queensparkers  event

Usual  arrangements.  Book  your  place  by  telephoning  Rachael  Clark  at    Q.P. Office.  Usual attendance   price  of  £ 10.00 to  cover  buffet  and  attendance  to  game.

Queensparkers   are  reminded  that   the  £ 10.00 Subscription  is  due  and  should  be  paid  to   Queen’s Park  Football  Club  as  soon  as  possible.

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